Corporate Loans

Masraf Capital is supporting in getting the right kind of finance for Corporate. To get the right assistance in corporate loans UAE.

Corporate loans could be secured and unsecured. Secured loans claim a business asset as guarantee as a part of security. If you apply for secured loans, you can profit from a lower rate of interest, higher borrowing limits and longer repayment terms.
Unsecured loans are generally given for instant finance needs by businesses. You need to


Looking for the corporate loans?

Look no more, Masraf Capital are here to assist you. If your company is LLC, Free Zone or International subsidiary, here to help you get the most suitable financing option for your company. We will assist you in arranging the best financial institutions in UAE for your business expansion and for corporate loans such as working capital finance, credit letter, infrastructure finance and term loan. The team understands the importance of corporate finance in terms of the growth of a business.
And from here you can get guide and assistance every step of the way. There are various types of corporate loans UAE open by the UAE banks. You can decide the suitable one depending upon your requirement. The corporate loan amount and interest rates are different depending on the risk disclosure.

How to Apply

A wide range of banks and other financial institutions provides a corporate loan. Choosing the most appropriate bank or financial institution that would satisfy all the requirements for your facility would be a tedious job.
This is where Masraf Capital plays a major role. Masraf Capital, analyses the client’s needs and requirements for a corporate loan and then selects the best bank or financial institution that would cater to the needs of the client’s facility requirement at the best competitive price. Also, get advice in a banking credit facility for your successive business. For further details on corporate loans UAE, please feel free to contact

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