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Real Estate Finance

With a proven track record of arranging financing options to real estate sectors, we focus on arranging the financing options to the regional real estate professionals and investors … …

Capex Finance

Are you looking to buy, repair, update, or improve a fixed company asset, such as a building, business, or equipment? We will arrange financial institutions to provide you better financing options … …

Corporate Loans

Looking for a corporate loan? If your company is LLC, Free zone company or international subsidiary, contact for assistance to find the suitable financing options for your company …

Construction Finance

Is your company looking to complete the construction of a desired project, we will arrange construction loan financing according the value of the land and construction cost of the project? … …

Trade And Working Capital

This involves Financing for company’s trade and working capital requirements, concerning both domestic and international trade transactions. A trade transaction requires a seller of goods and services buyer … …

Asset Finance

Asset finance is a type of lending used by businesses to obtain the equipment they need to grow. You can use Asset Finance to purchase business assets such as Manufacturing Plant (like Machinery) … …

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Banks adopt financial experts and market advisors who provide advice to customers about investments, business, trade, profits, taxes, etc. This is where we, Masraf Capital come in. We are financing brokers who have held a long customary relationship with many offshore and onshore banks and financial lenders. Our major role is to assist customers to get their anticipated loans. One of the key services that we provide to our clients embraces conducting bank preface as per the client’s request and necessity. Masraf Capital takes up the responsibility of guiding the clients in getting any form of banking facilities in UAE, and our major goal is to provide the most efficient services of project finance UAE.

If you are looking for a corporate loan, trade finance or real estate finance, our expert team will provide all the information about the loan and the procedures that would be involved in receiving the said loans. Our team would arrange project finance UAE at every stage of the process until the anticipated facility is acknowledged.

Masraf Capital is neither a bank nor a property broker! We are a financing broker with activities focusing on financial arrangements and assisting/ arranging banking facilities. We secure our clients with the best financing advice and deliver assistance in the achievement of the best banking facilities in UAE from start to finish.

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